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Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger threatens clear out after UEFA Champions League debacle

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It has been a long time coming this season for Arsenal. The Gunners have been slowly dropping out of the top clubs in England for the last six seasons or you could say since the last time they won a piece of silverware.

High profile players and top class signings have seemed to go by the wayside as the club have looked to purchasing youth and vigor for lower wages rather than go after higher wages and more experience in the majority of cases.

However, now the last six years of slowing moving in the wrong direction looks to have finally caught up to the once, “Invincible’s,” as they were called after their undefeated 2004 English Premier League winning campaign.

The writing appeared to be on the wall in the last few seasons as the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor, Matthew Flamini, Gael Clichy, William Gallas, Kolo Toure, and most recently Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas all have left the club over the failure of Arsenal to meet their trophy winning ambitions.

Replacements such as Marouane Chamakh, Gervinho, Andrei Arshavin, Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta have just not been able to live up to their predecessors and Arsene Wenger may have finally had enough of it after the Gunners suffered a 4-0 defeat to seven time European Champions AC Milan this week.

The Rossoneri took the London based EPL team to the firing squad in an emphatic display that highlighted all of Arsenal’s failings all season.

An obviously upset and annoyed Wenger blasted his team point blank to the media as he faced the music head on after the match in his press conference as quoted by

“It was a shocking result and a shocking performance.

“It was of those nights you never forget. It is our worst night in Europe. We were punished and deservedly so.

“The result is a disaster. Were never in the game we were very poor offensive and defensively. There was not one moment in the 90 minutes we were really in the game, and it was always the same problem, balls over the top and we were well beaten.

“It is difficult to analyze, so it is better not to talk too much, to analyze with a cooler header and regroup for the next game.

“The season is not finished. We have a big game on Saturday [at Sunderland, FA Cup] and it is a good opportunity to show we have character and mental strength that we can respond after such a shocking defeat. You could blame and blame, but we have to stick together and win the next game.

“A big disappointment like that has consequences on your belief. We have a lot of work to regroup and not a lot of time to prepare for Saturday’s game, when we need to show something completely different.

“We don’t play in dream world. There is maybe a 2% or 5% (chance) statistically. We have to show a completely different performance and you never know, but, you have to say, realistically, we are out of the competition.”

Arsenal continued their frustrations this week also by learning that they have lost another player to injury, a problem that has been plaguing them all season. Per Mertesacker was confirmed as being out for the remainder of the season by Wenger on Friday February 17, 2012 by ESPN:

“Unfortunately he has had surgery and we have lost him for a while. How long I don’t know. He had reconstruction of his ligaments, so it will be long term.”

As the news continues to poor out of Arsenal the real truth now comes to pass that Wenger needs to make some changes now or forever respect the club and part ways.

Former Arsenal great Emmanuel Petit has come out and blasted his former club in the Telegraph claiming this just is not good enough, simple as that:

“We shouldn’t hesitate to talk about the end of the cycle. Regardless of age, we have to look seriously at certain players, right now.

“Certain young players haven’t done enough to justify the confidence that Arsene has in them. Walcott – somehow he’s going to have to reach the next stage. It’s been years that he’s been at the same level.

“Ramsey, against Milan, I got the impression it was his (twin) brother on the pitch. In the way they behave, in their body language, we see they’re not there anymore.

“You have to send out a strong signal. You have to say to Arshavin, and to Rosicky: ‘Gentlemen, thank you, but goodbye’ and soon.

“What’s needed is five or six players of real stature, great experience, players who are 27 – 30 years old at most.

“Players with technical qualities, obviously, but also strong character. A group of guys who refuse to accept defeat, and who inspire confidence in the rest of the team.”

Arsene Wenger has a sure fire mess on his hands at the moment and he will have a lot of work to do in order to convince that he should keep his job and will be able to rebuild Arsenal to their former glory.

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