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La Liga: 10 Reasons the Reign of Spanish Soccer is Over

La Liga, Spain’s top flight was once believed to be on top of the world in all categories. However, these days it is becoming ever more clear that there are truly only two clubs that matter any more for the once glorified league.

The decline of Spanish football is a travesty, plain and simple.

A host of reasons continue to signal that the decline is continuing each and every season. The best players that are not playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona continue to leave for other leagues as they feel their club just will not be able to compete for a La Liga title.

Sergio Aguero, Diego Forlan and David De Gea all leaving Atletico Madrid is a prime example, Juan Mata leaving Valencia is yet another.

Until the Spanish Football Association can find continuity for the league on multiple levels it will continue to be a ticking time bomb that will inevitably fall even further down the list, and here are 10 of the reasons why it is failing……Click to Start the Slideshow.


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