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World Football: 8 Players Who Should Retire Now

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

(Bleacher Report) Football has a way of prolonging some careers and shortening others. At times, it can also cause brutal heartache to fans and players, as they cannot believe their bad luck.

However, some players just seem to stick around longer than necessary. In that scenario, it sees players that were amazing, playing till they are no longer amazing, and then, we get tainted with the old player as the last thing we remember. Ronaldo being a stark example at times.

At other times, players get forced out before they can become great, and it is once again devastating to see the loss of such a talent. Seeing a young player that looked like he would take the footballing world by storm, that is until he fractured his ankle in three places and could never heal correctly, can take the wind out of anyone.

Never the less, be it injury, fitness, age or any other reason, here are eight players that truly are due to hang up their boots for good, and they could be doing themselves, their clubs and their fans a service in the long run by doing so……Click here to Start the Slideshow

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Thomas is a freelance sports writer and blogger from Greenville, South Carolina. He maintains The Daily Atz on Facebook, and you can follow him on twitter@thedailyatz for news from Liverpool FC, and the world of soccer. He is a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist on Liverpool FC and World Football and publishes daily throughout the week on rumors, speculation, match previews, analysis, and special interest pieces. His education and life experiences have helped him to get to where he is today, along with his amazingly supportive fiance. Thomas holds a bachelors of science in both History and Entrepreneurial Business from Western Carolina University. Adding to his writing topics and experience he has also consulted on many green energy and business development projects, and writes articles for the HVAC, alternative energy and business fields.


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